Code of Ethics for Government Officials?

Answer A government code of ethics expresses in plain terms what an official must do to perform the job honestly and to shun unethical or immoral behavior. A good code of ethics provides examples of posit... Read More »

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Do government officials have to pay tax?

Government officials must pay income taxes. They also must pay state and local taxes when applicable, as well as sales tax. Most must pay Social Security and Medicare taxes; however, there are spec... Read More »

How to Contact Government Officials?

One of your rights as a citizen in a democracy is to contact government officials in order to ask for help or share your views. You are able to contact everyone from the President of the United Sta... Read More »

Etiquette of Letter Writing to Government Officials?

If you want to see a certain bill passed, want to get the attention of local government for bettering school or hospital conditions, or simply want to commend your representatives for a job well do... Read More »

What is the Difference in Code of Ethics and Ethics Charter?

A code of ethics is a system of principles that guides the decisions and behaviors of a group of people, company or association. An ethics charter is a set of principles that agree with an ethical ... Read More »