Code for putting standalone player for myspace?

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Is the ps3 as good of a blu ray player as standalone devices?

PS3 is a great blu ray player.However, if you are going to buy it, make sure it do use it for the gaming. Watching a blu ray movie on a ps3 uses 3x the amount of power than on a regular blu ray pl... Read More »

Blu ray standalone player vs downloading 1080p movies?

Bluray will always be better due to the physical content being streamed straight from disc and also encodes all the correct sound modes and resolution..When you download it will be slightly lesser ... Read More »

I need some help putting videos on my mp3 player?

Most players use 3gp or MOV... Check your manual to see what are the formats it can play...Edit: It plays MJPEG videos. You need a Sansa Media Converter...

Will putting a MPEG-4 codec on an MP3 player work?

Putting an MPEG 4-codec on an MP3 player will only work if the MP3 player has video play capabilities. MPEG-4 is a video codec and MP3 is an audio codec.References:Webopedia: What is MPEG?