Cod liver fish oil and Green tea?

Answer Sounds like your doing all you CAN do! Good job! You might want to also make cool wet packs out of the green tea and put them on the areas of skin you want to improve. The skin does absorb what... Read More »

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Fish & Liver Function?

Weighing in at 3 1/2 pounds, the liver is the body's largest organ, according to the American Liver Foundation. Processing all that we consume, the liver has an important function as our body's det... Read More »

Are fish oils bad for a damaged liver?

On One Hand: Known to Decrease InflammationFish oil pills have long been known to reduce inflammation, which can help with the healing process of the liver. In recent studies by the University of P... Read More »

Fish blue/green on the inside?

No idea but you could google it and see if this is what they fish is supposed to look like. I'd it was me I would chuck it in the bin as I'm not a fan of gastro

Why Is My Fish Tank's Water Turning Bright Green?

Green water in aquariums is caused by an explosion in population of a unicellular form of algae called, quite fittingly, green algae. This microscopic type of algae can reproduce extremely quickly,... Read More »