Cod Fishing in New Jersey?

Answer Atlantic Cod are important to both the commercial and recreational fisheries of New Jersey, and they have been for some time. In 2005, 6,957 metric tons of the fish were harvested commercially, and... Read More »

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Fluke Fishing in New Jersey?

New Jersey is well known for its summer flounder or "fluke" fishing, which is best in May and June when the fish move to inshore coastal waters. Great numbers of fluke have been found in the region... Read More »

Tuna Fishing Off New Jersey?

Tuna are large, powerful fish and they are known for their fight; getting them hooked is only a small part of the battle to land them. You can troll, bait fish or jig for tuna, and your best chance... Read More »

Lobster Fishing in New Jersey?

Recreational anglers can find populations of lobster in New Jersey waters. Lobster is low in saturated fat and provides an excellent source of protein. The largest American lobster on record weighe... Read More »

Muskie Fishing in New Jersey?

According to the state's Division of Fish and Wildlife, New Jersey is home to "more than 400 publicly accessible lakes, ponds and reservoirs," and it has approximately 8,600 miles of freshwater str... Read More »