Cockney Dialect Instructions?

Answer You may need to speak Cockney dialogue for a drama performance, or you may just have an interest in reproducing the distinctive sound, particularly the Cockney "rhyming slang." The Cockney sound ha... Read More »

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What does geographical dialect mean?

A geographical, or regional, dialect refers to a certain way of speaking based on the region a person is from rather than the social or ethnic group the person belongs to. The pronunciation, vocabu... Read More »

What is the meaning of Staffordshire dialect words?

Staffordshire dialect words are derived from Old English or Anglo Saxon words. These words have been altered over time until they became the dialect spoken in Staffordshire, England, in the 21st ce... Read More »

How to Learn Memphic (Creole African Dialect)?

Memphic is a new language that came out of Creole African, with French and English roots. It is based on the French and Creole accents, and Creole/English/African based words. Here is how to get st... Read More »

Instructions for Just for Men?

Growing older often means going gray, but not everyone wants to advertise their age. Some men prefer to cover their gray hair in order to maintain a more youthful appearance. Just For Men is a line... Read More »