Cocci Types?

Answer Cocci are spherical bacteria that may grow together, form aggregates, or they may split completely apart. Although cocci may form a single unit, each individual bacterium continues to function as a... Read More »

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How to kill cocci bacteria?

how to kill cocci bacteria..because im pregnant and at the sam e time im suffering from this illness

What is cocci meningitis&does it cause rashes?

Cocci meningitis, also commonly referred to as valley fever, is an infection of the lining of the brain. The infection occurs as a result of the fungi coccidioidomycosis, or cocci, spreading from t... Read More »

Types of Obi?

An obi is a special type of belt or sash worn by both men and women with traditional Japanese clothing. However, women's obi are typically much more elaborate than those worn by men and are tied in... Read More »

Types of Dal?

"Dal," also spelled dhal or daal, means "split beans" and refers to beans, lentils or peas that have been removed from their hulls and split to create a pulse. "Dal" can also refer to the cooked di... Read More »