Coca-Cola or Pepsi Which one do you prefer and why?

Answer Pepsi. It just tastes better. And don't let anyone kid ya, there is a distinct difference in the flavor.

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Which drink do you prefer: Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola?

I´m addicted to Coca Cola, the Best!! If it´s cold,better

Which do you prefer: Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Also which fizzy drink do you prefer?

I prefer the flavour or Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max. Normal coke is OK but diet coke has a thinner flavour.My favourite used to be Virgin Cola but they stopped making it so now I suppose my favourite ... Read More »

Do you prefer Coca Cola or Pepsi?

I love Coca Cola...Pepsi is too sweet and its weaker. If you are going to quench your it big, go all the way.. Coca Cola all day.

Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Coke is way better. Pepsi is too fizzy, and makes my teeth feel like they're melting........Plus, Coke is the original.