Cobra VS Uniden cb radios Are they the same?

Answer Cobra and Uniden used to be the same company untill 1988 they were called the dynascan corp. the units generaly have the same output distance and features, however the uniden unit usually "tunes u... Read More »

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Are Ham radios and scanners the same thing?

a "radio" gets a specific frequency - usually music has a specific radio frequencya "scanner" goes through several frequencies all by ambulance usually has one - this is for official ... Read More »

Are Cobra golf clubs the same as Titleist?

Cobra golf clubs and Titleist clubs once were manufactured by the Acushnet Company of Fairhaven, Mass. In March 2010, however, Acushnet sold Cobra to PUMA, but it still maintains the Titleist brand... Read More »

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