Coaxial Coring Tools?

Answer A coaxial (coax) cable is a type of electrical cable with a copper core. Generally, these cables also have a plastic or rubber outer layer, a woven-copper layer inside that, and then a plastic insu... Read More »

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What is an RF coaxial?

Coaxial cables carry communications data such as television and Internet signals. RF ("radio frequency") connectors join coaxial cables to sockets, transmitting the data through radio waves with fr... Read More »

What is coaxial out?

The coaxial out is a term for the sending end of devices transferring data through a coaxial cable, a high-bandwidth cable used in cable TV, cable Internet and hi-fi audio systems. Your home cable ... Read More »

How far can you run a coaxial cable?

The range that you can run your coaxial cable is going to vary on the quality of cable that you have. The lower-end ones will work best at under 150 feet. Better cables will let you run up to about... Read More »

What is an RF coaxial cable?

A radio frequency coaxial cable is a type of data transmission cable commonly used for TV signals. It is called coaxial because it consists of two conductors sharing the same axis. Data is transmit... Read More »