Coats of Arms Activities for Kids?

Answer A coat of arms is a symbol that represents a person, family or corporation. First used by feudal lords and knights of the 12th century, possibly as a way to identify knights on the battlefield, the... Read More »

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Coats of Arms in the Renaissance?

In the Renaissance era, a coat of arms was an important part of a knight's attire. Whenever he fought battles on behalf of his Lord or participated in tournaments and other events, the knight would... Read More »

Who makes coats of arms?

The U.K.'s Royal College of Arms reports that a coat of arms is made by a herald. In the U.K., heralds employed by the College of Arms have complete design control over a coat of arms but take into... Read More »

What is the meaning of the shields on coats of arms?

Most modern renderings of coats of arms present them on a large, shield-shaped display. Marshall Davis, a dealer in historic heraldry, says this symbolizes how medieval knights would display their ... Read More »

Differences Between Barn Coats & Field Coats?

Both the barn coat and the military-style field jacket are warm and comfortable. Both are commonly worn during cool weather and in cold climates. Both are hard-working garments that require little ... Read More »