Coastal Area Shrubs?

Answer Coastal areas require special consideration when planting trees and shrubs. Some species cannot tolerate the salt that permeates the soil, and salt spray can damage foliage of those shrubs that are... Read More »

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Coastal Storms & Effects on Coastal Erosion?

Ocean waves are always eroding coastlines to some extent: shifting beaches, molding seastacks and cliffs, dragging stones and sand and driftwood. But they can accomplish the most dramatic work when... Read More »

What shrubs/bushes can i plant in a small common area in front of my townhouse?

You didn't say how big a bed you have or where you live, but there is a miniature boxwood that might work. Slow growing, never too big and can take that eastern light. Look at the Buxus sinica insu... Read More »

What is a coastal garden?

a garden on the beach A coastal garden is a garden near the sea. Soils can be sandy and the climate can be quite harsh. Plants have to cope with salt spray and a lot of wind. An advantage of a seas... Read More »

Where does coastal erosion occur?

Coastal erosion occurs where land meets ocean resulting in the permanent wearing away of sediment along beaches and shoreline. Coastal erosion occurs in all coastal areas but is most prevalent thro... Read More »