Co A 6th RegInfantry National Guard 1886. Where can I find information on someone enlisted in Natl Guard in New Jersey?

Answer You would have to find out which agency in the State of New Jersey has jurisdiction over the state's National Guard, and send a Freedom of Information Act request to them for that person's service ... Read More »

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Is there any circumstance where a Marine officer can marry an enlisted Air National Guard member?

yes if you have a child together then you re able to get married. or you can just retier

Promotion Requirements for Active Duty National Guard Enlisted Soldiers?

In the Army, both National Guard soldiers and Active Duty soldiers have the same promotion requirements. Promotion in the junior enlisted ranks from E-2 (Private 2nd Class) to E-4 (Specialist/Corp... Read More »

Can you be member of the pa natl guard and in public office at once?

Of service members on duty at any particular time, some will be sent into a combat zone, others will not. Obviously that is the biggest factor. Of those who went to Vietnam, about 98% came back ali... Read More »

You were in the national guard reserves for 8 years part of that during war-time do you qualify for any kind of pension from the guard?

Political ideology (Maoism vs. National Socialism), mainly.