Clutch & Transmission Problems?

Answer Automobiles have either manual or automatic transmissions. A manual transmission uses a clutch to change gears and, in its most simplest explanation, makes the car move. Shifting gears in an automa... Read More »

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What Are the Signs of Clutch Problems in an Automatic Transmission?

Clutches in an automatic transmission control the activation of planetary gear sets. These are made up of several discs, alternating between metal and fiber inside of a metal container. When these ... Read More »

Yz 125 2stroke transmission/clutch oil?

Any 10-40W oil that is JASO rated will do.

How to Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle Without Using the Clutch?

In most manual transmission vehicles it is possible to shift gears without use of the clutch. This is done by matching the engine output RPM with the rotational speed of the vehicle's transmission ... Read More »

Wet Clutch Problems?

For a motorcycle to be able to change gears while running, it needs a clutch to disengage the transmission from the crankshaft and combustion process. Many motorcycle clutches operate "wet" or bath... Read More »