Clutch Lever Replacement Instructions?

Answer Most motorcycle clutch levers are made from aluminum, allowing the lever to be lighter at the cost of reduced durability. An unfortunate spill often causes the tip of the clutch lever to break off,... Read More »

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500 Kawasaki Vulcan Clutch Lever Replacement Procedures?

Providing classic cruiser styling with an easy-to-manage 500cc motor, Kawasaki's smallest Vulcan motorcycle is a perfect fit for new riders. Unfortunately, new motorcyclists are prone to dropping t... Read More »

Harley Clutch Lever Instructions?

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle's clutch lever is subject to constant use, being pulled in and released repeatedly during the course of a single ride. While these aluminum levers are fairly durable, t... Read More »

94 Excel Clutch Replacement Instructions?

On your way to work in your paid-off 1994 Hyundai Excel, you press gently down on the accelerator and your tachometer revs up high but the car doesn't respond like it used to. It's taking far more ... Read More »

GMAC Clutch Replacement Instructions?

GMAC products may come with a five- or six-speed manual transmission. No matter the gears, however, the clutch assembly may, for whatever reason, need to be replaced. Hard driving and pressure-plat... Read More »