Clutch Installation Problems?

Answer A clutch is the mechanical device designed to provide for the transmission of power and motion from one component in a vehicle to another. Care and attention to detail can eliminate clutch installa... Read More »

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The 2002 Yamaha R6 Clutch Installation?

Many of the problems associated with a 2002 Yamaha R6's clutch happen because of an improperly adjusted clutch cable or by overfilling the engine with oil. The plates and springs within the clutch ... Read More »

Chevrolet Clutch Switch Installation?

The clutch switch in your Chevy is designed to start the engine when the clutch pedal is depressed. The switch completes a circuit connected to the engine starter. This safety feature will disable ... Read More »

Mazda Clutch Pedal Pad Installation?

The clutch pedal pad on a Mazda is attached to the clutch pedal with adhesive. If you have worn the pad down and you want to replace it with a new clutch pedal pad, you must first remove the old pa... Read More »

Instructions for a Fan Clutch Removal & Installation?

The engine fan is designed to help keep the motor cool on your vehicle. A fan clutch has a fluid coupling to rotate the fan at a slower speed than the engine, and only when a certain temperature ha... Read More »