Cloudy brita filter water normal at first?

Answer the black dust is just carbon from the filter. I'd rinse the filter really good like run water under it for several minutes. It should be ok after that.

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Which is the better water filter: Brita or Pur?

On One Hand: Pros and Cons of BritaAccording to, Brita "dominates the pitcher category." According to Nicos Stylianou's article on the website Article Alley, however, Brita's p... Read More »

Brita water filter systems?

A Brita filter for the pitcher costs about $5 and last 2-3 months. We fill it with tap water and use it every day to make 6 cups of coffee, frozen orange juice, ice cubes and for taking pills. We a... Read More »

How often do you change a Brita water filter?

You should replace your Brita filter cartridge every four weeks. Prepare the new cartridge the day before replacement if your cartridge needs to pre-soak before installation in the Brita pitcher. R... Read More »

How Often Should You Change a Brita Water Filter?

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