Clothing Help for Children in Maine?

Answer Low-income families often struggle to provide for their children. In addition to buying food, paying rent and medical care, families must also find ways to keep the children clothed. Low-income fam... Read More »

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What is Maine law on leaving children alone?

Well My Teacher Told Me That Your Supose To Be 12 And Up.

What is the legal age for children to sit in the front seat of a vehicle in Maine?

What does the law say about children riding in the front seat in Maine?

They can ride in the front seat if their feet touches the floor when they are sitting straight up.

Is flame resistant clothing safe for children?

On One Hand: Designed for SafetyChildren's clothes that contain flame retardants were designed to keep children safe in the event of a fire. All new children's sleepwear is regulated by the Consume... Read More »