Clothes That Suit Skinny Girls?

Answer Tall or short, skinny or heavy, most girls have some difficulty finding just the right clothing style for their body shape and size. If you're a skinny girl, for example, you may struggle with crea... Read More »

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Are there any Tumblr blogs that are for fashion for all shapes and sizes Like big girls skinny girls ext?

go to tumblrplug, click on the models category, and see if you can find any on there :)

Do blond overweight girls get more male attention than extreme skinny looking dark haired girls?

youve answered your own question. it has nothing to do with how they look rather how they present themselve. you said that the blondes were more bubbly while the skinny ones seemed uptight and unap... Read More »

Guys: Do you prefer fat girls or skinny girls?

Girls, i want skinny skinny legs...not muscular do i burn fat on my legs?

You can't burn fat in your legs specifically. Your body burns fat from all over. Some people lose weight in some areas more quickly than others, but there isn't a way to target specific areas of ... Read More »