Clothes Dryer Lint Screen Cleaning Instructions?

Answer Clothes dryers make drying laundry fast and convenient. However, they require proper maintenance to keep them operating safely and efficiently. Lint accumulation in dryer lint screens can block air... Read More »

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How to Keep Lint off Clothes in the Dryer?

If washed properly, clothes will retain some lint, but the drying cycle is what really removes any lint and loose cloth particles. Read on to find the best ways to keep your laundry lint-free!

How to Clean a Clothes Dryer of Lint?

Over time, a clothes dryer may not heat as it should because of lint build-up within the dryer. Lint blocks the air flow necessary to ensure that the dryer heats up properly and dries your clothes ... Read More »

How to avoid lint on clothes from the dryer?

Be sure to clean the lint filter after each and every load.

How do I clean the lint trap inside a clothes dryer?

Open the dryer door, and remove the lint trapping tray inside the dryer. This usually is on the bottom border of the inside dryer door frame. Empty the lint from the tray. Fill a bucket with warm w... Read More »