Close captioning for my Sony KDS-60A2020 projection TV stays on despite the CC Vision being turned "Off". Help?

Answer You've got the CC setting in the menu set to OFF right?Double-check it....Now, the CABLE BOX can produce Closed Captioning....set it to OFF also.....And if it doesn't go away, call the Cable TECH f... Read More »

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Sony projection screen first lines then turned yellow and shuts itself off but still have sound?

Sounds like one of two things. The G2 setting is running away (most likely because of a bad focus pack or a shorting gun in one of the tubes) or you've got some dirty tube sockets.

How does close captioning work?

Closed captioning is possible through a decoder chip that's ingrained into a television set. The technology then interprets the captioning signal; text then appears on a TV screen for people who ar... Read More »

How do you turn off closed captioning on your sony tv?

First, click the home(or menu) button, then move left until you see that it says settings and then go down until you see CC or Closed Captioning. You will see that it says CC on/off. Choose off.

How to Get Lines Out of Sony Projection TV?

To get out lines that have appeared on your Sony projection TV, you will need to set or reset the convergence option. This option is used to fix a blurry or dull picture, that might also cause line... Read More »