Cloning can help with Leukemia?

Answer I had never read any article on cloning helping leukaemia

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When did cloning first become available?

In the 1950s, research demonstrated that carrots could be cloned, according to the book "Biology," by Neil Campbell, et al. Only in 1997, however, did anyone publicize the cloning of a mammal--in t... Read More »

How is cloning used now?

Cloning began in the late 1800s with Hans Driesch's cloning of sea urchin. In 1986, the first mammals were cloned, and in 1996 the famous sheep Dolly was born. Since then, scientists have cloned hu... Read More »

What is cloning a DVD?

DVDs once designed to be copy-proof are now easily duplicated using a personal computer with a DVD burner and the right software. While it is illegal to copy commercial DVDs to share with others, y... Read More »

Why is cloning useful?

While the cloning of human beings remains a highly controversial issue, animal cloning offers many possible contributions to medicine and science, and may even help save some species from extinctio... Read More »