Clogged bathtub drain?

Answer Straight Bleach-not the cheapo stuff either, bust out the Clorox brand.Pour about a cup of it down the drain. Estimate how much.Leave it in for about 5 min then do the boiling water. Leave that f... Read More »

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How to Open a Slow or Clogged Bathtub Drain with the Drain Claw?

Some simple ways to open a slow or clogged bathtub drain.

How to Fix a Bathtub Drain That Won't Stay Open to Drain?

The drain in your bathtub closes to allow you to hold water in the tub, such as for a bath or washing clothes. The problem arises when you have a bathtub drain that refuses to close. You can fix th... Read More »

What Natural Products Can Unstop a Clogged Bathtub?

A clogged bathtub can be a real annoyance. Many homeowners find themselves in the position of having to remedy a clog without wanting to dump caustic chemicals down the drain that will eventually w... Read More »

Toilet is clogged, few weeks later brown liquid filled the bathtub?

Your toilet backed up into your bathtub alright go to home depot and buy a auger for toilets for around 8 to ten bucks dollars once it is clear run hot water down the drain to make sure it runs smo... Read More »