Clogged Fuel Injectors?

Answer It takes the perfect balance of air and fuel to make an engine run. Maintaining this delicate mix is often left to the fuel injectors, which regulate the amount of fuel entering the engine. If inje... Read More »

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What Happens When Your Fuel Injectors Get Clogged?

A clogged fuel injector is usually the result of the fuel filter not doing its job well enough, allowing particles into the fuel injectors. Clogged fuel injectors allow either too much or too littl... Read More »

How to Clean Clogged Fuel Injectors?

The automobile fuel injector mixes gasoline with air to create optimal engine performance. It is a standard feature on today's automobile, replacing the less efficient carburetor back in the late 1... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of Clogged Fuel Injectors?

Clogged fuel injectors prevent a vehicle's engine from receiving adequate amount of fuel, a condition that negatively impacts engine performance and reduces engine efficiency. Here is a brief list ... Read More »

How to Replace Fuel Injectors in 1ZZ FE?

The 1ZZ-FE is a four-cylinder 1.8-liter engine that is most common on Toyota vehicles made from 1999 to 2005. This engine uses sequential fuel injection, which requires the fuel injectors to delive... Read More »