Clogged Filter Dryer in the Liquid Line?

Answer When a faithful old refrigerator or air conditioning unit no longer seems to be getting the job done, figuring out why can be tricky. Any number of system breakdowns could be responsible for steali... Read More »

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Can you use Liquid-Plumr in a garbage disposal that is clogged?

Liquid-Plumr is safe to use in your garbage disposal, according to the Clorox Company, which makes Liquid-Plumr. After treating the unit, take caution that the drain cleaner does not splash out of ... Read More »

Can you use Liquid Plumber to unplug a clogged dishwasher?

Forget that until you check the drain arrea inside the washer for a physical clogging

Toilet is clogged, few weeks later brown liquid filled the bathtub?

Your toilet backed up into your bathtub alright go to home depot and buy a auger for toilets for around 8 to ten bucks dollars once it is clear run hot water down the drain to make sure it runs smo... Read More »

If your sink was clogged and you put liquid plumber in it but when you plunged it the fluid went into the dishwasher and the after cycle is over and it stinks how do you get the smell out?

Answer Vinegar. Run your dishwasher empty with a cup of vinegar sitting inside. On the rinse, stop it and run a cup of bleach through the rest of the cleaning cycle. It will clean your dishwasher a... Read More »