Clipper Cut Instructions?

Answer Unless you're a whiz with a pair of hair scissors, clippers are probably your best option for trimming very short hairstyles. Electric clippers that come with detachable size gauges -- usually meas... Read More »

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Conair Clipper Instructions?

Conair clippers bring styling right into your own home, no more trips to the salon or barber. Instead, you can cut your hair any time you'd like and any way you'd like. Although the attachments t... Read More »

Instructions to Sharpen Clipper Blades?

The more you use a pair of clippers to remove hair, the duller the blades will get. Eventually, the clippers won't cut the hair, but instead will rip out the hair, making the process uncomfortable.... Read More »

Instructions on How to Hand Sharpen Clipper Blades?

Achieving a smooth, clean cut is an integral part of any hair styling, so maintaining your hair cutting tools is essential. You can remove clipper blades yourself and sharpen them without any profe... Read More »

Instructions for Cutting Men's Hair With a Clipper & Guards?

Giving a good quick haircut on a guy can be easy to learn and perform with a decent set of hair clippers and guards. Clippers refer to the electric tool that features a cutting edge at the end for ... Read More »