Climbed tennis court fence, cut my self, tetanus?

Answer I wouldn't freak out unless you were impaled by something rusty. If you go to the doctor normally and receive shots, you probably have gotten your tetanus. You're supposed to receive a tetanus shot... Read More »

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How many lines are on a tennis court?

A tennis court has nine lines. There are two baselines, one at each end of the court; and four sidelines, one singles and one doubles sideline along each side. There are two service lines, one on e... Read More »

Tennis Court Etiquette?

Whether you're planning a game of tennis with friends or have been invited to the tennis court by a colleague, it's important to adhere to the rules of etiquette so that the game will go well. Exhi... Read More »

Where was the Tennis Court Oath taken?

History Guide says the Oath of the Tennis Court was taken on June 20th, 1789 at the tennis court on Old Versailles Street in Paris, France. The Tennis Court Oath declared that the French National A... Read More »

What did the Tennis Court Oath say?

On June 20, 1789, the members of the National Assembly of France swore to work together to draft a constitution to govern France. The members of the National Assembly said, "We swear never to separ... Read More »