Clever Ways to Use Vaseline?

Answer Vaseline petroleum jelly is one of the least expensive, most versatile products available. The melted combination of mineral oil, microcrystalline wax and paraffin creates a thick, easily spread, j... Read More »

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How to Use Truecrypt in Clever Ways?

Large DecoyOS + Small HiddenOS TruCrypt is a free open-source on-the-fly encryption program. It can create virtual disks, encrypt an entire partition and be put in 'transparent mode'. This article ... Read More »

Clever Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Whether you are in your early 30s and are seeing the first hints of fine lines and wrinkles or are nearing your 60s, you can reduce the visibility and depth of your wrinkles at home. While eliminat... Read More »

Clever Ways to Close a Letter?

There are different ways to close a letter -- from the formal to the personal -- but clever ways of closing them can have the most impact. A nice verbal flourish, pledge or an unfinished sentence l... Read More »

Clever ways to dry clothing indoors without a dryer?

You don't need a vent outlet! If you have room for a dyer, you can dry your clothes! The home improvement stores sell a product that allows you to dry indoors. I can't remember the NAME of it, bu... Read More »