Clerical Qualifications?

Answer The clerical field involves working as a secretary or administrative assistant. Responsibilities include maintaining control of an office environment through a variety of administrative and clerica... Read More »

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What Are the Qualifications of a Clerical Worker?

Clerical workers do much more than answer phones even though answering the phone in a professional manner is a mandatory skill. The clerical staff often represents the face of the company and the i... Read More »

Clerical Responsibilities?

A clerk, as defined by Merriam-Webster is "one employed to keep records or accounts or to perform general office work." While these duties have traditionally been performed by a secretary or admini... Read More »

Clerical Tools?

Clerical work generally refers to jobs with administrative duties or secretarial duties. Some of the duties usually include data entry, answering phones, filing and work processing. Clerical work t... Read More »

Clerical Job Requirements?

Clerical jobs duties vary because workers provide services for different agencies, such as colleges, government or hospitals. Clerks also have the opportunity to advance into other positions within... Read More »