Clearance over dishwasher?

Answer use a blow drier to melt the wax again then using a wet towelette wipe it up! works wonders!

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What is the clearance needed for an over-the-stovetop microwave?

Generally, most over-the-stove microwaves require a 16-inch clearance from the top of the stove. Each manufacturer, however, has specific guidelines on the clearance needed for its particular units... Read More »

What is the minimum clearance for over the range microwaves?

According to GE, the minimum the minimum mounting height from the floor for an over the range microwave is 66 inches. The standard height of a stove is 3 feet.References:GE Appliances: Over the ran... Read More »

What clearance is required for a microwave oven over a gas stove?

The cabinet above the stove top should be at least 30 inches from the stove top or 66 inches from the floor to accommodate an under the cabinet microwave in order to mount it correctly.Source:Micro... Read More »

I am joining the marines and I have a DWI If I sign up now with a job class without any clearance requirement can I at some point qualify for a clearance and move on to a more desirable job?