Clear, straight nose retainer?

Answer If the ads confuse you, then just remember that "gauge" refers to the thickness of a wire. (Counter-intuitively, the higher the number, the thinner the wire is.)

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Can I get the clear retainer?

If you ask for the clear retainer set, they should be able to provide them. There may be an extra charge for them, but my ortho gave me both kinds (the clear ones as back ups). All they have to do... Read More »

What's a clear retainer?

i had braces when i was like 14. now i have a clear retainer. its basically 2 separate plastice "molds" that fit on you upper teeth and you bottom teeth. it doesnt hurt at all. they are much easier... Read More »

How to clean a clear retainer?

You should not brush your retainer, especially if it is a clear plastic retainer.You need to clean your retainer every single night to avoid plaque buildup and bacteria which will make it smell bad... Read More »

How to Do Nose Makeup So It Looks Straight?

If your nose is crooked, whether as a result of genetics or an accident, proper makeup application can help it appear straight. By creating a straight line down the middle of your nose and contouri... Read More »