Clear liquid coming from my cut?

Answer It is perfectly normal for a large scrape to ooze clear liquid. If the liquid is white to yellow, and the skin surrounding the scrape is red, then it is infected. If you keep it clean, it should sc... Read More »

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Whoaa..Clear,Watery, Liquid coming out Of my ear?

Sounds like you have an ear infection and the pressure in your ear became so great that your eardrum (just a very thin membrane) ruptured. The eardrum will heal back just fine, but you need some a... Read More »

Clear oily liquid coming out of both nipples?

Any discharge from the nipple is cause for concern and should be reported to your doctor.

Can a girl *** without liquid coming out?

Yes! Women orgasm in all different ways. Some women squirt, some get wet inside and out, some just get wet inside, and some don't lubricate at all. It depends on many different things and each woma... Read More »

Why are you lactating a clear liquid?

This is normal and many women experience it. It takes a little while until true milk is being produced. Use breast pads to absorb the fluid. If it is or becomes painful or is foul smelling then you... Read More »