Clean monitor?

Answer If you have a CRT, common glass cleaner and a paper towel will do fine... safest bet is to have the monitor off when you clean and dont spray the screen directly but spray the towel and then wipe. ... Read More »

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What is the best thing to buy to clean a monitor?

a clean smooth rag and very little sprayed water to catch the dust.

What to clean the monitor whith?

Yes, but the fingerprints will stay. Use window cleaner, or eyeglass cleaner and some paper tissues.

What do you clean your monitor screenwith?

For a tube monitor you should use rubbing alcohol...I just put some in a spray bottle. For a LCD screen you should just use a dry cloth. If you need a deeper cleaning for an LCD then read the ins... Read More »

How can we clean the fingerprint on the monitor LCD?

baby wipe and a soft clean duster. works every time for me.