Clean Smelling Women's Fragrances?

Answer Clean-smelling women's fragrances are the ones that remind you of that freshly showered scent. They are not overpowering and appeal to even the strictest of aroma critics. These fragrances last all... Read More »

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How to Maintain Your Dreads & Keep Them Smelling and Looking Clean?

There is a belief that dreadlocks are dirty, smelly and a result of individuals not washing their hair. However, it is completely possible to have clean, attractive dreadlocks. In the initial weeks... Read More »

How Do I Clean a Moldy Smelling Carpet in a Truck?

Mold can appear on the carpet of a truck if you do not allow the inside of the truck to air out after moisture has appeared on the carpet. Cleaning products can be used to kill the mold on the carp... Read More »

How to Stay Clean and Smelling Fresh on Your Period?

Did you just get your very first period? Maybe you've had it for years, but you hate the awful stench. Either way, you can smell good on your period.

What are some good ways to keep my bedroom smelling fresh and clean?

You know what? The first thing to do to keep your room tidy & clean and free from any bad odor is to clean yourself. Always start with yourself. Yo should have to write down your schedule, and it s... Read More »