Clay Pyramid Projects?

Answer Pyramids have fascinated people for many generations. They appear in many different cultures across the world and were used for purposes both religious and practical in nature. Combine lessons in s... Read More »

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Pyramid School Projects?

Pyramids are architectural marvels found in areas such as Egypt and South America. These ancient wonders can be awesome for their towering heights and ability to withstand the natural elements cent... Read More »

Pyramid Science Projects?

When you think of a pyramid, you probably most often think of the pyramids in Egypt that are the resting places of many of the Pharaohs. There are many different ideas for science projects that stu... Read More »

Social Studies Pyramid Projects?

The most commonly discussed pyramids are the three pyramids of Giza. Though the pyramids of Giza are the most famous, many other pyramids are in Egypt as well, all of which act as tombs for the pha... Read More »

School Projects on Pyramid Building?

Studying pyramids provides opportunities for science and math experiments. Reconstructing a pyramid can be as complex as measuring and converting measurements, or as simple as folding paper. Pyrami... Read More »