Clay Digging Process to Use for Pottery Projects?

Answer Digging your own clay is more time consuming and labor intensive than purchasing commercial clay, but it can also be more rewarding and less expensive. Most clay you find yourself will only be suit... Read More »

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How to Carve Clay Pottery?

Forming clay into pottery helped the earliest human cultures exist. From food and water storage containers to art and cultural objects, pottery has helped to advance societies. As the pots and ritu... Read More »

What kind of clay can you use for pottery?

The earliest pottery dates to around 6500 BC in Turkey. Today, pottery is not only useful for creating dishes and other necessities, it is also a relaxing hobby. You can use several types of clay i... Read More »

How to Make Pottery With Self-Hardening Clay?

Self-hardening clay is a great way to make a piece of clay pottery without having to purchase or find a kiln. The clay can be manipulated with the same tools used with other clays, and some self-ha... Read More »

How to Make Pottery Clay From Scratch?

Making pottery clay from scratch may be a time-consuming task but it is well worth the effort. While there are many clay body recipes you can follow to create specific clay, you can also use raw cl... Read More »