Classroom Trivia Games?

Answer Trivia games are excellent review materials for students. It takes away the pressure that students usually feel when taking tests and can also foster teamwork within the classroom. Teachers facilit... Read More »

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How to Teach Classroom Rules With Classroom Games?

Maintaining discipline in the classroom is the key to a healthy learning atmosphere. Laying down rules is easy, but motivating responsible behavior is tough. One of the best ways of encouraging stu... Read More »

ESL Trivia Games?

Trivia games are a great way to teach students about English-speaking cultures while helping them become fluent in the language. Instead of simply asking grammatical trivia questions, create a mixt... Read More »

Revolutionary War Trivia Games?

The American Revolution was more than a series of battles, it was a struggle for independence that led to the birth of a great nation. The war lasted nearly a decade, so there is no shortage of fac... Read More »

Trivia Games for Math?

Sometimes children find it difficult to learn math. This is commonly attributed to how technical and mechanical math lessons can be. Education experts often recommend the use of games to enhance a ... Read More »