Classroom Submarine Projects?

Answer Encourage students to get excited about the wonders of technology by featuring submarine crafts. Focus on a mechanical or ocean-type theme showcasing various subs. Show them pictures of both modern... Read More »

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What Class submarine introduced the all electric drive to the US submarine force?

Projects in the Classroom?

Students benefit from participating in classroom projects. These projects not only encourage children to study a topic beyond what is taught in a textbook, but they also promote cooperation and tea... Read More »

Pet Projects for the Classroom?

Students, particularly young students in the elementary grades, like to have a pet in the classroom. You can provide a pet for the children's entertainment as well as for their educational benefit.... Read More »

Easy Classroom Projects?

Classrooms around the country work on projects throughout the year. Students enjoy spending time on the class projects and teachers can help children understand more about the world around them or ... Read More »