Classroom Routines That Really Work?

Answer The first crucial piece of advice that any effective teacher should be given is that routines are essential to creating a productive classroom and helping students learn. For many students, school ... Read More »

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How to Use Rekenrek with Routines in the Classroom?

Developed by Dutch education experts, the Rekenrek is used in teaching math to youngsters in the U.S. Rekenreks are similar to the traditional abacus. There are two types of Rekenrek. One has 10 li... Read More »

Tips on Classroom Routines?

Classroom routines provide a framework for the students and teacher. Expectations become more apparent when the class gets into a routine. The specific routines depends largely on the age of the st... Read More »

The Importance of Routines in Classroom Settings?

Classrooms -- particularly those with young children -- need to have routines. These routines help you maintain order and also help the kids stay calm. If there is a set activity for every part of ... Read More »

First Grade Classroom Management Routines?

When a classroom is well-managed, problems and misbehaviors are prevented rather than punished. A structured classroom can increase the amount of learning that takes place and encourage students to... Read More »