Classroom Ideas for Webcams?

Answer Webcams are simple video cameras that connect to a computer. A basic webcam includes a lens for recording images and a small microphone for recording sound. Many newer computers now come with webca... Read More »

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How to Use Webcams?

A webcam, which is used to capture motion pictures, usually connects to a computer with a USB cable. A popular use of webcams is for video chatting. The webcam streams a video of you and your surro... Read More »

Webcams... a little help?

OMG! I want to know that too..I was so gonna ask the same. I have a Sony handycam 40x optical zoom.

Which is better between these 2 webcams?

You would get a better answer in the camcorder category. Me? I would go to or another vendor and read user reviews.

Videos with Webcams?

go to contral panel and it should show an icon for the web cam and click it then go to its menu and find a video record and ther if you still can't get it bring it to your dealer and ask them.