Classroom Ideas for Choosing Groups?

Answer Collaborative work gives students a chance to learn to work with others while generating new ideas. Grouping students becomes an issue of classroom management. The groups need to form quickly to av... Read More »

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Classroom Ideas for Choosing Groups for Small Group Activities in High School?

For most people, teamwork is a part of life. Maybe you will work as part of a team in your career. Maybe you volunteer with a group, or perhaps you are involved in a athletic league. To practice te... Read More »

How to Use Advisory Groups in the Classroom?

Using advisory groups in the classroom is beneficial to stress importance on a particular field of interest. An advisory group is a group of experts that get together and discuss the importance of ... Read More »

How to Use Google Groups As a Classroom?

Although most teachers try to get kids off the Internet during class time, Google Groups gives teachers and students a way to enhance learning and practice 21st century skills. By using Google Grou... Read More »

How to Identify Three Diverse Groups in a Classroom?

The culturally diverse environment of many contemporary classrooms presents an excellent opportunity for students to learn about cultural diversity and difference. At the same time, recognizing cul... Read More »