Classroom Icebreaker Games?

Answer The first day of school can be a reunion of friends who haven't seen each other over the summer as well as the opportunity to meet new friends. It's also an opportunity for teachers to learn about ... Read More »

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College Classroom Icebreaker Activities?

When a student leaves home for college, everything is new. People, places and routines are completely different from high school life. Icebreakers in the college classroom are a useful way to warm ... Read More »

Icebreaker Activities as an Introduction to a Classroom?

A new school year means a new classroom and many new faces and names to remember. The process can feel overwhelming and intimidating, but that can change. With some planning and a variety of introd... Read More »

Icebreaker Activities for a Classroom Management Class?

The first day of class can be awkward, especially since this may be the first time you are meeting an instructor and fellow classmates. For an instructor, there might be awkwardness, too, as she tr... Read More »

How to Use Games for an Icebreaker?

Games can be a very useful tool that can be used to break the ice among a group of people who don't know each other well or at all. Getting strangers to get to know each other can be a challenge be... Read More »