Classroom Games for Direct & Indirect Objects?

Answer Grammar can be confusing business for kids. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, and myriad other terms can seem like too much to understand and remember, but games can make the process entertaining and engag... Read More »

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Direct & Indirect Behavior Strategies in the Classroom?

Classroom management is an important issue for teachers and one that is frequently a source of frustration. Most educators agree they could cover more content in greater depth if they did not have ... Read More »

Grammar Games for Direct Objects?

Whether you're teaching native speakers or second language learners, your students probably won't understand direct objects the first time you introduce them. Although they use them in everyday con... Read More »

How to Find Indirect Objects in a Sentence?

Indirect objects are nouns or pronouns that identify to or for whom or what the action, or verb, of a sentence is performed and that receive the direct object. The direct object is a noun or pronou... Read More »

Direct & Indirect Age Discrimination?

The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act is a comprehensive law that protects U.S. workers age 40 years and older from discrimination. Importantly, the ADEA forbids employers from direct di... Read More »