Classroom Collaboration Methods?

Answer The University of Hawaii's guide to collaborative learning notes that in a traditional classroom, "faculty take on the role of information disseminators and students take on the role of listeners a... Read More »

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Classroom Collaboration Ideas?

Collaboration is an inclusive teaching method where two teachers work together to implement a curriculum in a classroom setting that includes students designated as having special needs with studen... Read More »

Solutions for Collaboration in the Classroom?

When a group of students works together to achieve a mutual goal, this is considered an act of collaboration. Collaborating requires teamwork. Solutions for achieving collaboration in the classroom... Read More »

What Are Some Advantages & Disadvantages of Collaboration in the Classroom?

Classroom collaboration can take many forms. Teamwork, group projects, and team games all fit under the larger umbrella that is collaborative learning. Working with other students can provide child... Read More »

Music Collaboration Projects in the Classroom?

Music has profound effects on children. According to More 4 Children, music is a creative outlet, promotes self-esteem, builds problem-solving skills and deters children from engaging in negative b... Read More »