Classroom Border Ideas?

Answer Decorating your classroom can make students feel more welcome and excited to learn. A classic way to decorate your classroom is with themed borders along the bulletin board. Borders can introduce s... Read More »

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Paper Border Ideas?

Teachers who strategically decorate their bulletin board bring the students' attention to focus on the content of the boards, such as deadlines and inspiration to study. Decorating the border of th... Read More »

Lawn Border Design Ideas?

When you have a lawn, you may find that you wish to create borders that separate one area of the yard from another, as well as separate your lawn from that of your neighbors. An added wrinkle may b... Read More »

Flower Garden Border Ideas?

Your creativity and perhaps your back muscles are the only limitations to what to grow in your flower garden border design. For best success, always group plants with similar light, soil and wateri... Read More »

Rock Garden Border Ideas?

Jazz up your rock garden by placing a border around it. A border not only looks good but if done right can keep the rocks in the garden. A common complaint most homeowners have about their rock gar... Read More »