Classroom Activities on Life in the 1950s?

Answer The 1950s was a pivotal decade in history, as it launched so many now-common trends, including suburban sprawl, rising divorce rates and petro-chemical based consumer products. Studying the 1950s w... Read More »

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Classroom Activities for 1950s Culture?

The 1950s were an interesting time in American history. After World War II, the United States was a world superpower. Domestically, America was also undergoing transitions. The civil rights movemen... Read More »

Meal Worm Life Cycle Classroom Activities?

Learning about life cycles is common in elementary school classrooms across the country. From frogs to butterflies, students observe and collect data about the life cycles of these animals. Mealwor... Read More »

1950s-Themed Classroom Ideas?

Engage your students while discussing the turbulent 1950s and the history of this decade. Create a classroom that portrays figures and icons from 1950s American history, pop culture and literature.... Read More »

How do I Teach Life Skills in the Classroom?

Children spend the majority of their day in school. In addition to academics, children should learn life skills so they grow up to be independent, confident adults. Universal life skills that are e... Read More »