Classroom Activities on Federalist Vs. Anti-Federalist?

Answer One of the most important periods in American history was the struggle between the Federalists, who wanted a strong central government, and the Anti-Federalists, who wanted a more limited federal g... Read More »

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What Are Anti Federalist States?

Anti-federalism was a movement in opposition to the creation of a stronger U.S. central government and the ratification of the Constitution of 1787. The movement feared that creating the position o... Read More »

How to Cite the Federalist Papers?

The Federalist Papers, or the New Constitution, consisted of a series of 85 articles published in the Independent Journal and the New York Packet. Written in 1787 and 1788, these articles offered a... Read More »

What are last-minute appointments in the judicial system made by the federalist called?

Last-minute appointments in the judicial system made by the Federalists were known as the "Midnight Judges." Those appointments were appointed by outgoing President John Adams to maintain the Feder... Read More »

How to Create an Anti-Biased Classroom?

Teachers can create an anti-biased classroom by assisting students of all cultures in developing their creativity, teaching about empathy, encouraging high self-esteem and building high-level think... Read More »