Classroom Activities for High Schoolers?

Answer Anyone who's ever stood before a group of teenagers knows it's nearly impossible to get them to listen. Bored high schoolers may start acting up or check out altogether, so it's important to tie ac... Read More »

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Classroom Games for Freshmen High Schoolers?

Many associate the high school years with nose-in-the-book studying, not enjoyable and educational game play; however, doing so may be a mistake. While high school students are more capable of enga... Read More »

Leadership Activities for High Schoolers?

Participating in leadership activities increases confidence, helps students create bonds with others, fosters a productive learning environment and prepares young people for success in the future. ... Read More »

Lab Safety Activities for Middle or High Schoolers?

Middle and high school students participate in lab projects as part of their science class curriculum. While lab projects offer students fun hands-on studies, labs can pose safety issues for studen... Read More »

Important Activities for High Schoolers Outside of School?

Taking part in activities outside school helps young people become more rounded individuals. Regardless of whether a child takes up salsa dancing or joins a reading group, meeting active and intere... Read More »