Classroom Activities for "Dances With Wolves"?

Answer If your goal is to teach children about the indigenous peoples of North America, using films as a teaching aid can be effective. Films can also be used to demonstrate how perceptions of America Ind... Read More »

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Fun Activities for School Dances?

Start off school dances with fun activities to act as ice breakers. These will loosen up the students and get them interacting with each other, increasing the likelihood that they will want to danc... Read More »

"Julie of the Wolves" Writing Activities?

Julie of the Wolves, published in 1972, by Jean Craighead George tells the story of Julie, an Inuit girl, who gets lost on the Alaskan tundra after running away. Julie survives by using lessons her... Read More »

Classroom Activities With Technology?

In recent years, technology has come to play an integral part in United States classrooms. Across the country, teachers have been finding ways to use technology to complement their lesson plans, be... Read More »

How to Keep Up With Classroom Activities?

A semester of work is filled with distractions and frustrations, which can divert your attention away from your classroom activities. These distractions only need to impede your work for a few days... Read More »