Classroom Activities and the Constitution?

Answer A constitution is the fundamental structure of any government; it determines how laws are made, how they are enforced and who can make the final decisions about whether a new law is created. The hi... Read More »

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Constitution Day Activities for the Elementary Classroom?

Constitution Day is a day for celebrating the formation and signing of the United States Constitution. It is celebrated on September 17 because that was the day the Constitutional Convention signed... Read More »

United States Constitution Classroom Activities?

In the summer of 1787, delegates from the original 13 states met in Philadelphia to reform the Articles of Confederation which had governed the nation since 1781. When they realized that the Articl... Read More »

How to Write a Classroom Constitution for the Fifth Grade?

Classroom management is essential at any grade level. When fifth-graders are studying the U.S. Constitution, teachers can assign students to create a classroom constitution as an interactive activi... Read More »

Fun US Constitution Activities?

The constitution is the governing article of the United States of America. It addresses topics such as how much power the central government is to have and how many representatives should be allowe... Read More »