Classroom Activities: Silent Ball?

Answer Silent Ball is a special game of catch used by elementary and middle school teachers. Because the game is a physical activity, it is commonly used to break up the monotony of sitting at a desk and ... Read More »

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Classroom Projects for a Silent Auction?

Items are displayed for bidders to view in a silent auction. Each item has a paper sheet next to it where interested buyers can leave their bid. Buyers walk around to examine the items and bid on t... Read More »

How do you take your iPhone off silent when your silent switch has broken off?

you are best off asking this question on the apple forum website. they will give you a lot of info and if you still get no response you are better off taking it into a phone shop they may also help... Read More »

"The Great Ball Game" Activities?

"The Great Ball Game" explains in traditional Native American pourquoi story-style why birds fly south for the winter. Pourquoi folktales typically explain why something in the natural world came t... Read More »

Plasma Ball Activities for Elementary Students?

Plasma ball activities for elementary school-aged children can introduce students to the concepts of electricity, current flow and plasma dynamics. The plasma ball or "inert gas discharge tube" was... Read More »